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ISO 8601

const dt = datetime({
  year: 2021,
  month: 7,
  day: 21,
  hour: 23,
  minute: 30,
  second: 59,
dt.toISO(); // 2021-07-21T23:30:59.000Z
dt.toISODate(); // 2021-07-21
dt.toISOWeekDate(); // 2021-W29-3
dt.toISOTime(); // 23:30:59.000


Ptera supports native Intl.DateTimeFormat

const dt = datetime("2021-07-03").setLocale("fr");
dt.toDateTimeFormat({ dateStyle: "full" }); // samedi 3 juillet 2021;

Custom Format

Ptera supports custom format.

datetime("2021-07-03").format("YYYY/MMMM/dd"); // 2021/July/03
datetime("2021-07-03").setLocale("fr").format("YYYY/MMMM/dd"); // 2021/juillet/03

You can escape string by using single quotes.

datetime("2021-07-03").format("'Year is: 'YYYY"); // Year is: 2021

Available formats

Format Description Example
YY year, two digits 21
YYYY year, four digits 2021
M month, one or Two digits 6
MM month, two digits 06
MMM short month string Aug
MMMM long month string August
d day, one or two digits 8
dd day, two digits 08
D day of year, between one and three digits 29
DDD day of year, between one and three digits 365
H 24hour, one or two digits 9
HH 24hour, two digits 13
h 12hour, one or two digits 2
hh 12hour, two digits 11
m minutes, one or two digits 45
mm minutes, two digits 45
s seconds, one or two digits 30
ss seconds, two digits 07
S milliseconds, three digits 999
w day of the week, 1 is Monday, 7 is Sunday 7
www short week string Fri
wwww long week string Friday
W iso week number, one or two digits 52
WW iso week number, two digits 52
a AM or PM AM
X Unix timestamp seconds 1609507800
x Unix timestamp milliseconds 1609507800000
z Timezone Asia/Tokyo
Z offset with colon +03:00
ZZ short offset +0300
ZZZ short offset name UTC-5
ZZZZ long offset name Eastern Standard Time